Next Meeting:-Thursday 12th April 2018. @ 7pm

Topic:-  Walk MS prep- After our Feb & Mar meetings where we spent our time getting quilt pieces decorated, now it is time to make the final plans for the walk as it is only 2 days away.  

Also Melissa's son Anthony is going to present his Senior Project which is on MS.  Come give him your support.

More than anything, just come and socialize. 

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MS Related Events                ​​

The 2018 Wellness Webinar & Telelearning Series brings together a collaboration of MS experts to help you build strategies to live your best life with MS. Each free webinar and telelearning program features presenters with time for Q&A. Join us online or by phone on topics including:

Apr 10th, 8-9:15pm - Cognition: Presenters: Darla Freeman M.A., CCC/SLP   Juliann Hanson-Zlatev OTR
Please join us as we discuss practical tips and resources for those living with MS that have memory issues with a speech language pathologist and an occupational therapist

​May 8th, 8-9:15pm - Sometimes It’s Hard to Be a Woman: Women’s Health Issues in MS: Presenters:
Meghan Beier, PhD Cheryl Blaschuk, RN, FNP, MSN This webinar will show the ways MS can impact women at the various stages of their lives, and will explore healthy and practical approaches to dealing with these concerns. With knowledge, women can be empowered to face their lives with MS head-on and embrace every phase with grace, confidence, and a "can do" attitude.

​June 12th, 8-9:15pm - Emerging Therapies in MS:  Presenter: Ben Thrower, MD - Medical Director of the MS Institute at Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA  For the 2.5 million people worldwide living with MS, new research is providing exciting prospects for slowing disease progression, improving symptom management, and enhancing quality of life.  Join renowned neurologist Ben Thrower as he summarizes the latest clinical trials and offers insights into potential new treatment options and emerging therapies. Dr. Thrower will also answer your questions in an interactive Q&A session.

If you can't join us for the webinars at the time, know that they are available in the archive library for 2 years.